Full Mouth Replacement


Patient with two fractured teeth which supported a 3 init tooth bridge Two implants are placed after the two teeth are removedAbutment support the bridgefinal 3 unit dental implant


Why choose an implant-supported bridge rather than a fixed bridge?

Implant-supported bridges look and function like your real teeth without requiring support from nearby teeth. Fixed bridges, non-permanent partial dentures, and other traditional methods of replacing groups of lost teeth require the shaving down of adjacent teeth in order to be connected and provide that support.

One of the critical downsides of fixed bridges and partial dentures is the tendency of the surrounding tooth structure to deteriorate over time. By contrast, a dental implant is designed to integrate with the bone in your jaw so that it will permanently attach while promoting overall dental health.

Patient with advanced gum disease and dental infections — full mouth implant reconstruction


All remaining teeth required extraction due to extensive infections due to years of neglect full-arch-replacement-xrayS Beautiful restored smile

Securing dentures

People that have lost many or all of their teeth have problems eating because of loose fitting removable dentures. Denture wearers very often, also feel insecure that their dentures will fall out or move out of place when speaking or eating. This is a prevalent problem as evidenced by the multitude of denture adhesive products found in the dental aisles of supermarkets and pharmacies. Luckily, dental implants can be used to help secure dentures in place and allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Patient with loose lower denture — implant supported bar over denture using 4 implants


A well designed lower overdenture includes a process meatal framework for strength Implant lower jaw


Implant supported dentures

Implant-supported full bridges and dentures are more comfortable and stable than conventional dentures, allowing you to retain a more natural biting and chewing capacity. In addition, implant-supported full bridges and dentures will replace your tooth roots, helping to keep your bones healthy.

Patient with unstable upper denture — Implant retained “stud” overdenture using 2 implants


Dental implant denture Prosthetic abutments are used to secure the denture in the mouth for a tighter fit