Introduction to Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Periodontal Plastic Surgery addresses problems with the soft tissue position around the teeth. These problems include: short teeth and/or a gummy smile, receding gum line which can lead to exposure of the roots and longer looking teeth, and asymmetric gum line position. 

If you need help with one of the above issues and are working on new crowns or veneers with your dentist, our periodontist and your dentist typically work together to come up a customized smile design looking at specific esthetic parameters such as facial proportions, lip drape, pupil line, tooth size and proportions and other factors. The sequence of periodontal work and restorative work will be worked out depending on each specific case.  

Your Periodontist will use microsurgical techniques to adjust your gum line position according to the overall plan to give you the best functional and esthetic outcomes. There is typically a healing period of 8 weeks after periodontal plastic surgery is completed before you can get your final restorative work up.