Single Tooth Replacement


Dental implants are the preferred choice in replacement of missing single teeth in dentistry today. The implant crown is fixed to the jaw and feels very much like a natural tooth. Implants eliminate the need for removing tooth structure from adjacent teeth as needed with dental bridges. With correct planning and surgical technique teeth can be replaced with esthetics and function comparable to a natural tooth. Replacement of single teeth with implants is one of the most common procedures performed in our office. Our Board-certified implant surgeons place hundreds of implants annually.

In the conventional approach failing tooth is extracted and bone graft is placed in the root socket. After the area has healed for an average for 3 to 4 months. Dental implant is placed. Dental implant has to stay in the jaw bone for three months before final implant crown can be placed on it. During this period bone around the newly placed implants get stronger. This is called implant integration. A final implant crown is placed on the implant by the general dentist. Most patients will have a removable tooth during the healing period. Implant surgery can be completed as quick as 15-20 minutes. In certain cases we are able to treat a patient with a broken tooth with an extraction, bone graft, implant placement, and a temporary crown all in one sitting. Most of our patients have the procedure completed under conscious sedation where the patient is in a relaxed state and would not experience the procedure at all. 

Once a dental implant is restored the maintenance phase will start. Patient’s immaculate hygiene is mandatory for long term implant health. Additionally professional cleanings, radiographs, and check ups on other aspects such the contacts between the implant and the adjacent teeth, periodontal status, occlusion is necessary to ensure implant and tissues around it stay healthy. 



Fractured Front ToothTooth is ExtractedImplant and Crownfinal results of dental implant look lifelike!