Teeth In A Day

Teeth must be ground down to peg in order to create a conventional bridge

Implants usually need to heal for a short period of time prior to attaching the teeth.

However, in some clinical situations, the teeth can be attached on the very same day the implant is placed. This can dramatically reduce total treatment time.

Our doctors will let you know if this is possible for you.

Other options when missing multiple teeth, include long span tooth supported bridges or removable bridges. Tooth supported bridges are anchored onto the adjacent teeth.

This process however involves grinding down multiple support teeth to make a cementable bridge.

Before dental implants, this was the only technique available to replace multiple missing teeth with a non-removable prosthesis.

However, multiple teeth are needlessly damaged and cleaning under bridgework can be difficult. Furthermore, since the average life span of a tooth supported bridge is only about 10-15 years, an implant bridge is usually a better option.